"you want me? him?..dont worry about it"

Emily talking to Steve..."back off chiclet"

"No you gotta take control I'm barely hangin on here!"

Girls throw their drink at the Butabi van

"I broke the window again"

"Its already been good now that you've served and protected me"

"...you got a date to meet her at the municiple state court!...

saying whats up in multiple wavs

"Lets mingle"

"it is,the king of 21 jump street.."


"...maybe we'll hang out later?-theres no chance in that happening-sounds good"

Emilio Estevez story

"your brothers?-no...yes!...

"...flying rats ass, that'd be wild to see"

"well I gotta get a card number-not the card sweetness, me.."

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