Since press books are good and will inform you well, here's what the press book (which I purchased with my own money) has to say about Chris Kattan.

Chris Kattan makes his feature film debut in "A night at the Roxbury." He's the short, aggressive(*might I add sexy*) half of his and Will Ferrell's highly popular comedy creation the Roxbury Guys, which they preform in regular sketches on "Saturday Night Live." Ferrell and Kattan are also co-writers of "A Night at the Roxbury," with Steve Koren.

Since joining "Saturday Night Live" in 1995(*he started out as a featured player*), Kattan given us the hilarious characters The Missing Link, aka Mr. Peepers(*one of the best and funniest characters on SNL*); Suel Forrester, the gibbering substitute teacher who no one can understand; Azrael Abyss, the prince of Sorrow, who co-hosts the cable access show "Goth Talk"; Mango the stipper; and an impersonation of Spice Girl, scary spice(not to mention a hilarious impression of David Lee Roth*)

Kattan and Ferrell previously worked together in the famous Los Angeles comedy company The Groundlings, where they originated the Roxbury Guys. A graduate of California State University at Northridge, Kattan spent part of his youth in Seattle. He has guested on "Def Comedy Jam," "Grace Under Fire," and "News Radio."

*Chris Kattan has also been on "Late Night with Conan O' Brien," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee." But he hasen't been on "Rosie O' Donnell" because (according to a radio show that he has currenly been a guest on) she didn't seem to like him when she was the host of SNL, it's probably just because she doesn't think he's a cutie-patootie. (no offense to Rosie, thats from the radio show too)*

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