All Wavs thanks to SNL Infomedia.


126 KB -"I'm sitting next to my special dog friend, Mr. Bo Jangles, who is actually a girl. But I gave her a boy's name, cuz I'm playing a trick on her."

118 KB-"And now it's time for letter of the day. Mr. Bo Jangles... not now."

96.6 KB-"Mr. David Larry is my best friend, my husband, and my housekeeper. -- And I'm a homosexual, so we do have chemistry."

141 KB-"I'm a homosexual, and I don't like most people. -- And I don't like most people, and I don't like talking to people. But I like... a-dogs!"


176 KB-"He only likes comic books and not girls. -- Oh, he sounds like someone I know, and that someone is Mr. David Larry. -- That's true, I do love comic books. But the reason I don't like girls is because I'm a homosexual."

200 KB-"Captain Gingersnap, why don't you return my calls? Captain Gingersnap, ordering people around in your captain's uniform. Captain Gingersnap, don't be angry with me."

111 KB-"Each time they squealed with delight and screamed "Do that again, Mommy!" Guess what? -- What, dog Mommy? -- Captain Gingershit-snap is too shy to say..."

89.7 KB-"That story was thrilling. I expected a thrill when you told it, and I dare not open my mouth because I knew a scream would come out."