This page is for the sketch on Saturday Night Live called "Dog Show."
This sketch it quite hilarious.
If you've seen the sketches you will understand the drums. 
"Dog Show" features Will Ferrell as David Larry, and Molly
Shannon as Miss Colleen, and SNL hosts, Vince Vaughn
and James Van Der Beek.

Dog Show!!

Big Dogs, Little Dogs, Shiny Dogs, Italian Dogs!

-12*05*98-Vince Vaughn-
What happend on Dog Show?

Dog Show is a show for people, about dogs. Starring one dog and one dirty dog. David Larry and Miss Colleen

David Larry's special dog friend is Mr. Bo Jangles, who is actually a girl, but David Larry gave her a boy's name cause he's playing a trick on her.

Miss Colleen has a co-captian named Mr. Rocky Balboa. And Mr. Rocky Balboa likes to do magic.

On Dog Show they have letter of the day. The letter of the day was from Miss Blanch Richmond of Cleveland, Ohio, who also sent a small oil painting of her Papion, Lord Pistachio.

David Larry is Ms. Colleen's best friend, husband, and her house keeper. But Mr. David Larry is a homosexual, and he doesn't like most people. But Ms. Colleen and Mr. David Larry do have chemistry. Separate Bedrooms! Separate Baths!Separate Bedrooms! Separate Baths!

Ms. Colleen's favorite dog is Mr. Rocky Balboa, and Mr. David Larry's favorite dog is Mr. Bo Jangles. "Ah, but Mr. Bo Jangles is really a girl" Mr. Bo Jangles is really a girl! Mr. Bo Jangles is really a girl!

The first guest on Dog Show was Dog Show corespondent Mr. William Alexander. He was there to talk about his dog Nacho. William!Alexander!

"My dog Nacho is really a delight. I like to feed Nacho pieces of raw hamburger out of my mouth. I bath Nacho in an old silver bowl and every sunday after dog church we like to listen to music. I like Rosemary Clooney, but Nacho loves Leona Horn."

David Larry askes William Alexander to sing a song about Nacho off the top of his head. "Well, that's easy I love Nacho bunches" (see song below) "Someone in this room has a heck of a lot of talent......... And that someone is Mr. Rocky Balboa!!"

Dog Show!!

Nacho Song
Nacho your head is full of dreams
Nacho I like it when you smile and show your pointy teeth
Nacho Nacho
I like to hold your little body and feel your heart
Go beat beat beat
Hey Nacho go to sleep!
Captian GingerSnap Song
Captian Ginger Snap...
why don't you return my calls?
Captian Ginger Snap...
Ordering people around in your captians uniform
Captian Ginger Snap...
Don't be angry with me
Lady and Captian Song
Lady and Captian
let's make waffles and lie around
and talk about
what it's like to grow up
Lady and Captian behave

This many people have learned about Dog Show since 1/9/98. 20 minutes before Bill Paxton was the host for Saturday Night Live.

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