Robin   Goodridge


b-day:September 10, 1965
fav color:blue
hometown:Gilford, England
other non-Bush bands:Beautiful People
pets:cat named Elwood
Family:1 brother(Steven), 1 sister(Samantha), father died when he was five, 
he and his girlfriend Glynis have a daughter named Ruby Rose
jobs before Bush:painter, ice cream truck driver, electronics engineer
fav Bush song:Comedown and Alien
school:high school graduate
book:Perfume by Patricia Suskind
actors: David Niven, Robert Deniro, Marlon Brando
movie: Godfather 1 and 2
bands:Clash, Sex Pistols, Prince
ice cream flavor:rum and raisen

Other Robin info:
likes golf, wine, beer, soccer, and fishing
prefers boxers, baths and tea
when he was a child his neck was scalded with hot water and thats how 
he got those scars on his neck
Ruby Rose's birthday is October 15, 1996