16   Stone   Lyrics

there must be something that we can eat
maybe find another lover
should i fly to los angeles
find my asshole brother
minnie mouse has grown up a cow
dave's on sale again
we kissey kiss in the rear view
were so bored your to blame
try see it once my way
Everything Zen 
Everything Zen 
i don't think so
raindogs howl for the century
a million dollars at steak
as you search for your demi god
and you fake with a saint
there's no sex in your violence
there's no sex in your violence
try see it once my way 
everything zen 
everything zen
i dont think so
i don't believe that elvis is dead
i don't believe that elvis is dead
i don't believe that elvis is, elvis is
there's no sex in your violence

could not believe
came here today
helmet was on blew me away
house is on fire
were naked again
maybe all we need
is water and friends
shakles and chains
won't keep me away
temple is you and my brow is insane
i wanna be just like you
i wanna feel right through you
i wanna see just with you
i wanna live 
i wanna die you
thinning ice 14 hairdryers
swimming to you 
flame on earth desire
poor on the rise rich on the fall
this cripple's with you
flame is a whore
i wannw fit inside you
i wanna room inside you
if money talks i wanna buy you
i wanna die i wanna die
i wanna live you
i'm not scared of you
gonna give up on drugs
if i make it through
the jaws of love
jaws of love
you give

wanted to buy you shiney red things
thought i'd be with you until the end
how did i know that i would be there
blow me away
see if i care
death of a future
goodbye to my friends
wish i could see you all again
family hollow family real
wish you were hear see how i feel
kill a man 
kill a girl 
kill a man
kill a girl
jekyll in you 
brings out the wire in me 
i have no defense
i'm all that you see
the night is a bomb blast
the night is on fire
sing with me in the gasoline choir
and you say you wan't to change our minds
i've paid for your belief with mine
of all the bravest stands in time
you stoop so low you'll never rise

i bleach the sky 
every night 
loaded on wrong and further from right
spinning around
two howling moons
cos there always there
whatever i do
the river is loaded
i've been there today
took it some questions
she does me again(note:he is talking about me)
i'd die in your arms
if you were dead too
here comes a lie
we will always be true
going up when coming down
scratch away
it's the little things that kill
tearing at my brains again
the little things that kill
the little things that kill
bigger you give
bigger you get
we're boss at denial
but best at forget
cupboard is empty
we really need food
summer is winter
and you always knew
going up and coming down
scratch away
i touch you're mouth
my willy is food
addicted to love
i'm addicted to fools
i kill you once
i kill you again
we're starving and crude
welcome my friends to
the little things that kill

love and hate get it wrong
she cut me right back down to size
sleep the day let it fade
who was there to take your place
no one knows never will
mostly me but mostly you
what do you say do you do
when it all comes down
i don't want to come back down from this cloud
taken me all this time to find out what i need
and i'm doing fine now
there's no blame only shame
when you beg you just complain
more i come more i try
all police are paranoid
so am i-so's the future
so are you-be a creature
what do you say do you do when it all comes down

hush child-lay your sweet lips on me
this greed-is bigger than you and me
will you come again
tougue tied and visceral third degree
feel warm center of gravity
wash us all away
body never lies
will you come again
will we stay friends
oh you paralyze
there are times when i wish
that i was you
thick skinned cities you drive me through
better thatn me your a woman
seven days and my system is free again
we rise lose it on oblivion
falling away sorry for the way
your child is on fire
lick these my ruby lips
drop your protein pills
better just to lose yourself
we kiss we kiss we kiss
pretty words could never say
will you come again

Breath in Breath out
tied to a wheel fingers got to feel
i spin on a whim i slide to the right
i felt you like electric light
for our love
for our fear
for our rise against the years and years and years
got a machinehead better than the rest
green to red machinehead
and i walk from my machine
i walk from my machine
deaf dumb and thirty starting to deserve this
leaning on my conscience wall
blood is like wine
unconscious all the time
if i had it all again 
i'd change it all

i'm a man 
i'm real proud of my man hood
i like to smoke
tenthousand cigarillios
eight ball i could climb any fountain
i never cry
i only bawl when i'm losing
and i've never been wrong
never been wrong
i'm lookin so good
lookin so good
got a big gold gun
got a big gold bullet
and i guess you could say
i'm real full of it
i'm real full of it
i'm real straight
you wanna see my peccadilios
hot dog 7:30 every morning
and i'm bg in to war
big into war 
big into war 
i am a whore
i am a whore
got a big gold gun
i shave with gillette
shave with gillette
and i'm patting my back
patting my back
got a big gold bullet